If you want a fun filled activity for all your guests we offer a unique Photo Booth service in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. We cover all kinds of activities such as birthday parties, weddings, quinceañeros, school proms, family reunions and corporate activities
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Personalized Photos

Every event is personalized. We create the photo that you want to keep for a long time. An unforgettable memory of your activity. We offer many photo sizes, 2 X 6, 4 X 6, 5 X 7, 6 X 8 or 8 X 10 inches. One, two or up to four photos per print or the traditional layout Photostrip.

Instant Printing

Fast Printing, Lab Quality Photos. The photos are ready seconds after your session is completed. Unlimited prints per event. A graphic artist will design your artwork for your event with text, colors or graphic elements around the photos. Green Screen option available.

Your Favorite Characters

Make your birthday party into a special, unforgettable event. We can provide your favorite characters for the event. Most popular characters available and new ones are added by request!


Various layout and print options are available so that you can choose the custom design that best fits your needs or style






You will always get two “Photo strips” per session if you choose this layout, the most requested one for social events such as Quinceañeros, Weddings and PROMs.



Your guests can take as many pictures as they want with our “PhotoBooth” sessions since we don’t charge per print.






We will provide a box full of props that your guests can use to dress up during their “PhotoBooth” sessions.

Choose among wigs, hats, sunglasses and air guitars among others for a very original photo.



Create a lot of excitement while promoting your product, brand and/or services in events such as conventions, galas, concerts, sporting events, festivals






The traditional PhotoBooth is enclosed, that limits the amount of people that fit in the picture. Our booth has no walls, allowing accommodate more people.


Photographs are ready in a few seconds after your session is completed. You and your guests will be able to take home unique souvenirs immediately. Professional, high quality, water-resistant photos! The perfect souvenir!






Photo sizes from 2″ X 6″ to 8″ X 12″ and in between 4 X 6, 5 X 7, 6 X 8, 6 X 9, and 8 X 10.




Need additional money for your School, Church, Sport Team, Club, etc.?

Theme Parties

 Make your next get-together one to remember by choosing a theme and selling the photos taken with our Photo Booth.

 Favorite character, valentines, easter, christmas, years like ’60s, ’80s… the possibilities are endless!

 Contact us to arrange your next fundraising event.



FotoGema, Full, Personal Service

You don’t only hire a ‘Photo Booth’,

you hired a complete service.

Personalized Service

We will always have at least a member of our staff throughout the whole event to take care of everything for you. Don’t forget that you don’t only hire a Photo Booth from us, you also hire a complete service.

Personalized Design

We design the photo in accordance with your event, included free in our service. No additional charges for basic customization! Your colors, your logo, your slogan…


Just A Few More Examples 

One Pose per Photo

Two Poses per Photo

Three Poses per Photo

Four Poses per Photo

3 Poses

2 Strips per Person/Group

4 Poses

Classic Photo Booth Style


Plans & Prices
Additional hour $150.00
Got a lot of friends, family, party crashers? Extend the fun!!!
Event photo folders and frames
Select from different event photo folders to present, display, store and protect your prints in an affordable but elegant way. Custom printed folders for your photos are also available. High quality plastic bookmarks with the perfect size for your guests to take home and proudly show their 2”x6” photostrips.

Contact us for price and availability!

Unbranded photos $100
Don’t want our logo/info on your prints? NO PROBLEM! Just Add $100 to your preferred offer
Photo enlargements
Go to our web gallery at to select any size from wallet to 20″x30″
Extra Copies $95 additional
Get 2 copies of every session (4X6 pictures), keep one, share one with your best friend!
Other Options



Photos 5 X 7

 + $25.00 per hour

Photos 6 X 8

 + $50.00 per hour

Photos 8 X 10

 + $100.00 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about FotoGema FotoStudio Photo Booth.
What is a Photo Booth?

A Photo Booth is a unit that captures one to four pictures of 1 or more persons and instantly prints a single photo .

What kind of events do you do?

All kinds: weddings, birthdays, parties, graduations, fundraisers, corporate events, anniversaries, business conventions, prom nights, 15 Añeros, etc.

How many pictures can i take at my event?
Your guests can take all the pictures they want with the unlimited photo sessions offered. Anywhere from 60 to 100+ pictures can be taken per hour depending on the layout selected for your prints, the number of snapshots taken per session and the time guests take to enter an exit the Photo Booth area.
What is the size of the prints?
In the base offer each print is four inches by six inches (4” x 6”) or “photostrips*” which is the standard size for photo frames and albums. Or you can select, for an additional charge, our 5″x7″, 6″x8″, or 8″x10″ options for larger, fabulous, prints.

“*Photostrips” are 2” x 6” so you will always get two “photostrips” per 4″ x 6″ print without paying extra..

What space you require for the PHOTO BOOTH?
Our very portable, adjustable set up can be located in an area as small as 4 feet by 7 feet in it’s smallest configuration all the way up to a space 10 feet by 10 feet in it’s largest configuration.
Do you require electricity for the PHOTO BOOTH?
Yes, we need a standard power outlet of 110 volts near to the Photo Booth.
How long does it take you to set up the PHOTO BOOTH?
It can take us anywhere from 30-45 minutes to set up, we will arrive on site at least one hour before your Photo Booth hire time is due to start, this time is included and is not counted as part of your run time.
Do you have any suggestions on choosing an area for the PHOTO BOOTH?
We recommend that you try and position the Photo Booth as close to the action as possible. This way you and your guests will get more use out of it than if located in another room away from the party.
Do you stay with the PHOTO BOOTH?
We will always have at least a member of our staff throughout the whole event to take care of everything for you. FotoGema  PhotoBooth strives to make your experience as gratifying as possible to you and your guests. Don’t forget that you don’t only hire a Photo Booth from us, you also hire a complete service.
Are prints included with your rental rates?
Yes they are. Each Photo Booth session takes from 1 to 4 pictures which are then printed seconds later on a single 4×6 or 2 strips 2×6 photostrip prints for your guests to keep. Our rental rates include unlimited sessions and prints. We also offer optional add-ons such as larger photos and photo folders.
What are idle hours for?
Sometimes it not always possible to set up or break down the Photo Booth directly before or after an event. For example, if you require the booth setting up at 6pm but do not want it running until 9pm or if you want to have a break for dinner or a presentation, this would be charged at idle hours on top of the hire costs. Idle hours are charged at $25 per hour.
Can our guests view the images after the event?
Yes, after your event we create an online gallery for you and your guests to view the images.

How long does it take for our pictures to be posted to the internet?
Most Photo Booth galleries are posted only 1-3 business days following the event. On rare occasions it may take a day or two longer. There is no additional charge for this web posting service.
Can we choose to have our Photo Booth galleries password protected?
Yes, simply choose the password you would like, email it to us and we will take care of the rest by directing your guests to our website with your chosen password. If not, the gallery is available for everybody.
How long does it take for the pictures to be printed?
After the last picture is taken the Photo Booth is ready again in about 20 seconds and printed in professional quality paper in less than a minute.
What printers do you use?
We use thermal dye sublimation printers, the same as the photo processing companies use, the best in the business. The prints are fast, touch dry and water proof immediately
What cameras do your booths use?
Our photo booths use high-end professional Nikon SLR cameras resulting in sharp quality pictures.
Can you print the photo strips with a personalized message, company logo, or advertising?

Of course! Regardless the occasion our photo strips can be personalized with your company logo, bride & groom’s name, graduated class name, etc. We have lots of ideas and suggestions to match your theme or colors of your decoration.

For how long can I rent your Photo Booth?
Our basic service is for 2 hours, but it can be rented for as long as you need it.
How many people can fit on the booth?
With our open booth concept, you can capture ALL the people that can fit in the picture.
Is there a charge for travel outside of Central Florida?

Yes, a small charge may be added to events depending on the travel distance. Photobooth in the Kays?  No problem! Ask before sign the contract.

What are your terms & conditions and cancellation policy?
Still need help? Send us a note!


For any other questions, please write us at or call us on (321) 900-9100

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